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More International Self-Storage Operators Use SiteLink

Written by Sue Creaser on October 08, 2018 under Milestones

More International Self-Storage Operators Use SiteLink

Self-storage facilities around the world turn to SiteLink for their management software

SiteLink, the global leader in cloud-based software and payment processing for storage operations of all sizes, is pleased to announce increasing presence around the globe as they welcome first customers in 5 new markets.


  • New customers broaden SiteLink’s portfolio of international users
  • SiteLink’s cloud-based solution and built-in language options key factors in global deals
  • SiteLink well-poised for more growth internationally

International customer base grows

In 2018 alone, SiteLink signed new customers in Norway, Argentina, Trinidad & Tobago, Ecuador and Portugal. These new regions build on a robust portfolio of international customers that includes the United Kingdom, Canada, Mexico, Scotland, Denmark, South Africa and several other markets across 5 continents.

SiteLink’s Australasian team Centreforce Technology Group continues to make inroads, onboarding new customers in New Zealand and Vanuatu to add to their growing list of users in Australia, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, Hong Kong, China and Taiwan.

Cloud-based solution with language options

SiteLink’s cloud-based platform with multi-device capability, centralized database and real-time updates is a major draw for international customers. Owners can run SiteLink Web Edition on as many devices as their business requires and be confident they can access their data reliably.

“International operators look for a fast, dependable, low-maintenance cloud-based management software solution,” said Markus Hecker, SiteLink’s Chief Client Advocate. “It is very exciting to empower self-storage operators around the world with cutting-edge software – so they can focus on growing their business.”

Out-of-the-box, SiteLink comes with each market’s language built in. SiteLink software currently includes many different languages, and customer support is available in Spanish and Portuguese.

Customized for each country’s currency and tax laws

SiteLink software is adapted to regional operating system settings, laws, monetary system and taxes. Dates and units of measure are formatted according to each country’s standards. Time zones, including Daylight Savings Time adjustments, are taken into account. SiteLink software also addresses invoicing nuances and requirements particular to certain countries.

“Operators can be confident there will be no discrepancies or confusion regarding units – whether it is time format, measurements or money,” said Amird Caballero, SiteLink Sales Executive for Latin America, Europe and Africa. “SiteLink takes it all into account and delivers software ready-to-go, no matter where in the world you are.”

Groundwork in place for international growth

SiteLink continues to add more developers and customer support staff – including additional multi-lingual team members – to advance SiteLink myHub and Web Edition products and offer premium service for new and existing users.

Underscoring the company’s dedication to global growth, SiteLink and Centreforce Technology Group attended several self-storage industry trade shows this past year including the Latin American (LanAm) Self Storage Expo, the FEDESSA European Conference & Trade Show, the SSAA Asia Expo in Thailand and the SSAA Australia show in Brisbane.

“With staff and technology in place, we are committed to strong and sustained global investment,” said Hecker. “We welcome the opportunity to forge new relationships with self-storage operators around the world.”

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