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Self-Storage Analytics

If SiteLink’s Price Optimizer, standard reports and custom scripts from SiteLink’s in-house Business Intelligence group are not enough, consider our analytics partners. Combine their reports, graphs and revenue management tools with their training and consulting to boost profits and make faster, better decisions. Want competitor pricing delivered right inside SiteLink - look no further. Their access to SiteLink allows them to shape data and customize outcomes tailored to your operation. Let business intelligence help you to build a more successful storage operation with SiteLink Marketplace partners.

Storage Income Pros

Maximize income from any facility that uses SiteLink software. District Manager is a powerful analytical reporting with tools to uncover not only missed income but potential audit threats.

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Veritec Solutions

Veritec provides Revenue Management and Dynamic Pricing Analytics Software and Consulting. Our self-storage pricing analytics were designed specifically for the self-storage industry.

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Built on SalesForce, NOA monitors for revenue threats, triggers key alerts, develops managers and more. NOA is affordable and configured to fit your company's needs.

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Stortrack is the industry’s source for self-storage pricing data. Their application streams competitor pricing data directly into SiteLink, saving you time and resources so you can focus instead on identifying revenue opportunities.

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