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SiteLink Merchant Services

Credit Card Processing, ACH/EFT Bank Draft & Online Payments

SiteLink Merchant Services integrates with SiteLink to lower credit card fees and reconcile statements. While you have a choice in providers, our payment offerings are a natural fit. Even better, our OneSupport team services all of our products.

SiteLink Merchant Services

SiteLink Merchant Services Overview

SiteLink Merchant Services seamlessly integrates payments in SiteLink. A single-source software and payment processing package is a natural fit. SiteLink OneSupport gives you a single help line for reliable, accountable support. Payment processing integration lets you reduce errors, audit, auto-reconcile and get lower rates.

SiteLink OneSupport

SiteLink's Merchant Services and SiteLink Software work together to solve your payment needs. For the first time, you truly have one point of contact for technical support.

Data Security

SiteLink is fully PCI Level 1 certified. This is the highest level of security certification in the credit card industry. Yearly audits and penetration tests ensure SiteLink security is rock solid.

A Single Login

Manage your operations across multiple stores. Consolidate payments, reporting, and direct access to settlement information.

Online Payments

eCommerce is made easy with SiteLink Merchant Services website integration using the SiteLink API, Web Template or SiteLinkStore.

SiteLink Merchant Services Features

SiteLink Merchant Services offers the
tools you need to collect and manage payments.


We offer customer support for software, credit card processing and ACH/EFT bank drafts because they go together. SiteLink is the only company to service both management software and payment processing.


Verify credit card billing addresses using real-time AVS. Before you process a tenant's credit card, find out if the billing address is correct. Use SiteLink to find tenants with invalid or missing billing addresses to lower processing rates.


Reconciling and auditing credit card statements can be tedious, expensive and time consuming. SiteLink Merchant Services includes a powerful daily close report that reconciles SiteLink Web Edition transactions with the SiteLink Merchant Services virtual terminal.

Electronic Signature

Save money with electronically signed payment receipts.

PCI Rapid Comply

We work with you to become PCI compliant. Save money by eliminating PCI Non-Compliance fines when you sign up with SiteLink Merchant Services.


Automatically process credit cards and ACH/EFT bank drafts for tenants each month at the click of a button. Processing recurring payments has never been easier. With SiteLink, your tenants can sign up for auto-bill on your website.

SiteLink Merchant Services Frequently Asked Questions

If you can't find the answer you are looking for, contact us today or request more information for SiteLink Merchant Services.

  • What are the advantages of SiteLink Merchant Services?
    SiteLink’s OneSupport addresses all of your payment support needs. No need to go back and forth between the processor, gateway, and software support, or wait in long queues to answer payment questions about SiteLink’s exclusive payment features for reconciliation and PCI Compliance, and reduction of auto-bill downgrades.
  • Who uses SiteLink Merchant Services?
    SiteLink Merchant Services is the most widely used payment services provider for SiteLink software. It is used by top operators and management companies as well as smaller businesses.
  • Who do we call for SiteLink Merchant Services support?
    Call SiteLink Support for all payment questions. We now have specialized merchant support to help with more detailed merchant questions or account changes. Our goal is to resolve your questions on the first call, with no long waiting times.
  • What rate can I expect to pay?
    Each store must have a separate merchant account. Pricing varies based on sales volume and types of cards accepted. Contact us for a quote.
  • Will my rate ever change?
    While we can’t make promises, we have a long, proven track record for not changing rates of our software and merchant services. SiteLink focuses on setting competitive prices from the start while also avoiding the multiple price increases that are common with other vendors in the industry.
  • Do I have to be PCI Compliant?
    Yes, PCI Compliance is a set of rules setting security practices for your business. PCI Compliance is mandated by Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express for any merchant account. Non-compliant stores face penalties. SiteLink Merchant Services provides assistance and makes PCI Compliance easy by providing a portal to complete the survey and scan.
  • Does SiteLink Merchant Services support chip cards and EMV?
    EMV (chip and PIN technology) imposes a liability to the merchant for card-present, fraudulent transactions. SiteLink Merchant Services will release an integrated EMV solution in the coming months.
  • Where do I get EMV card readers?
    Most processors sell card readers that only work with their services. You must buy a reader from your processor that integrates with SiteLink software to avoid manually posting transactions offline. SiteLink will release a few choices available in the coming months when it’s EMV solution is released.
  • Can I continue to use my bank?
    Our merchant services solution makes deposits and withdrawals to your bank. You do not have to change banks to use SiteLink Merchant Services.
  • Can I do auto-bills and web payments with SiteLink services?
    Yes, we support all payment needs with our merchant solution. Merchant services is fully integrated with web payments and SiteLink managed auto-bills. Even better, SiteLink allows you to qualify your transactions for these types of payments to get a better rate.
  • Where do I see my daily batches and bank deposits?
    We provide an online web portal that allows you to see your daily batches, the transactions that make up each batch, and bank deposit details.
  • Do I have to do a manual daily close?
    There is no need to do a manual close. The SiteLink integration performs an automatic daily close to ensure your software deposits align with the bank deposits.
  • How quickly are you able to get my account setup?
    While we always recommend allowing 5-7 business days for your application to be approved by underwriters, most merchant accounts can begin accepting payments within 1 to 2 days.

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